Project launched: August 2003

Title and first word inked: Monday September 8,  Bowery Tattoo, New York
Documentation here.

Current status: in process, with a focus on mailing stories to participants who have sent in documentation of their completed tattoos.

Number of volunteers provisionally accepted to date: approx. 1875 of 2095

Number of releases actually received: 1449

Words mailed out: 1445

Words assigned but not yet mailed: 4

Words inked: approx. 553

Stories sent: 372

Openings for new participants: 646 or more (depending on drop-outs)

Number of volunteers: over 10,000

Total number of emails I have received related to this project: 21,894.

The call for participants first appeared in Cabinet Magazine, issue 11 (Flight), and can also be read here. Skin has been covered by The New York Times "Year in Ideas" 2004, Newsweek, the New York Post, the Village Voice, USA Today, The London Observer, The Sunday Telegraph, The Toronto Star, The LA Weekly, The Seattle Times, AP Press articles all over the place, Inked Magazine, Print, Step, Res, Black Book, Decode, Tattoo Highway, German Glamour, Italian Elle, the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, the Swedish Dagens Nyheter, the Argentinian newspaper Clarin, and has appeared on CNN, NPR's All Things Considered, Inked, BBC radio (twice), BBC Scotland, German public radio, Canadian public radio, Canadian book television, Swedish national television (see "Ett dödligt konstverk" and click on "se reportaget"), and Polish news radio. It has been blogged, parodied, and spawned a Yankee Pot Roast competition and a sermon. Participant Saram wrote a great essay for BMEzine, and others have formed online communities, including this one at Livejournal