Mutatis Mutandis. Changing What Needs Changing.

Welcome, mutants!

Oh, you think you’re normal? Think again. Every one of you has about a hundred genetic mutations of your very own. Your parents, too, had their hundred each. Your grandparents had their hundred each, and so on. You have their hand-me-downs to add to your own. Yes, Virginia, you are a mutant, in a world of mutants.

What, then, is normal? It’s obvious: mutation itself. We are all mutants. Some of us hide it; some of us flaunt it. What kind of mutant are you? Take the test and find out!

Mutant Typology Test


The Mutant Typology Test uses a combination of Jackson’s teratometrics and the latest principles of linguistic morphogenetic sequencing, or LMS. Sponsored by Mutatis Mutandis, the Major Terata, the Siamystics, the Togetherists, the RadioActivists, the League of Mutant Voters, and Half Life, a novel by Shelley Jackson.