The Interstitial Library, Circulating Collection

What is the Interstitial Library?

The Interstitial Library is that infinite collection of books—obscure, lost, or not yet written—that belong in the spaces between the books on a library shelf.

Where is the Interstitial Library? Can I visit it?

The Interstitial Library is located in the Interstitial States: labyrinthine passages outside ordinary space-time. Visitors are welcome.

How do I get to it?

Generally, by sliding between two books on your bookshelf, or by correctly pronouncing the word "hh." (See glossary.)

What is the Interstitial Library’s Circulating Collection?

The Interstitial Library’s Circulating Collection is a mobile library of interstitial books. Its holdings are dispersed around the world (potentially, the universe), in private collections, used bookstores, junk shops, garbage heaps, etc.

What is an interstitial book?

An interstitial book is one that falls between categories defined by the standard guide to library cataloguing, the AACR2R (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Revised). This may be for a variety of reasons. For example, because it lies between accepted genres or disciplines; because it is notable for qualities not often recognized as intrinsic (such as smell or taste); or because it does not yet exist, no longer exists, or is entirely imaginary. Many, but not all interstitial books are obscure: some canonical books are interstitial, while some may become interstitial by association. Please see our cataloguing guidelines for details.

How does the Circulating Collection differ from the Interstitial Library proper?

The Circulating Collection differs from the Interstitial Library proper in three ways. One, it is not located in the Interstitial States. Two, its collection is entirely selected and catalogued by its patrons, who are also its librarians. Three, it exists.

Can I check out books?

Books in the Circulating Collection are for Library use only. However, since the Library is, potentially, everywhere, you may take our books home, if another patron has not already claimed them. (Some patrons may be willing to lend their books, and if so this information will be noted in the catalog.)





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