Selection Criteria.
The Interstitial Library, Circulating Collection

The Interstitial Library’s Circulating Collection specializes in interstitial books, defined as:

Books that fall between categories recognized by other libraries.

Books that occupy cultural blind spots, because they are deemed to be offensive, trivial, unfashionable, or to contain false information.

Books that are notable for qualities not catalogued in ordinary libraries, including those ordinarily seen as extrinsic to the text—e.g. intriguing marginalia, provocative typos, a rare butterfly crushed between two pages.

Books that do not exist in ordinary terms—e.g. fictional books, books that have been lost or destroyed, books that are yet to be written.

Please note: The Interstitial Library’s Selection Criteria and our Cataloguing Rules are interdependent. Under the correct category heading, an otherwise unsuitable book may reveal itself to have interstitial properties, and may be entered into the collection. For further insight, please consult the Cataloguing Rules.





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