Acquisitions Kit.
The Interstitial Library, Circulating Collection


One folder.

One zip-locked bag.

One Volksboutique pencil.

Five (5) book cards.

Five (5) book pockets.

Five (5) copies of The Interstitial Library’s information sheet.

Five (5) forms (please complete and return one for each book acquired).

Selection Criteria.

Cataloguing Rules.

Map of area.

List of used bookstores in area.


1. Check contents against list.

2. Read the Selection Criteria and Cataloguing Rules carefully.

3. Sally forth with your kit.

4. Choose a destination or direction. You are not restricted to the locations on the list of bookstores. Any book, anywhere, may be entered into the library, including books in the possession of other libraries or private individuals.

5. Select five (5) books that you consider worthy of inclusion in The Interstitial Library, Circulating Collection.

6. Complete one (1) book card for each book and insert in book pocket.

7. Complete one (1) Acquisitions Form for each book, including all relevant information. (Forms must be returned to Head Librarians Jackson & Hill.)

8. Unobtrusively insert book card, book pocket, and Library information sheet in the front of each book, and put the book back where you found it.

9. Leave.





Board Members


Cataloguing Rules

Selection Criteria

Acquisitions Kit

Acquisitions Form